With the ERGland AR application, you can visit the "home cities" of the Eurasian Group in Kazakhstan, as well as in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Brazil from anywhere in the world. By pointing the smartphone at the photographs of production and social objects from the ERG anniversary book that appeared over the 25 years of the company's work, it's easy to see 3D models of buildings, get acquainted with the video of production processes at industrial giants, plunge into the atmosphere of sports events, children's parties and much more, and also listen to information from the virtual character Jerzygit.

What can I offer to my clients: Our projects are gone

Appendix to the 25th Anniversary Anniversary Company ERG (Kazakhstan)
Детский мобильный quest "Jungle town: Birthday quest"

Video from everywhere in a favorite place in the world

  • Designed an application
  • Animated character - virtual guide
  • Modeled in 3D social and industrial facilities and buildings
  • Introduced 27 3D models and 40 videos into the application
  • Scoring 55 clips in 3 languages
  • Have done programming
  • They created the interaction of the device with the printed book, by pointing the device to the page of the book, a 3D object or video appeared, and the virtual guide talked about this object.
AR marker
ERGland AR application: interface
ERG, factory complex
ERGland AR application: object recognition
AR target, AR marker
jungle town
jungle town: birthday quest game
Jungle town: Birthday quest is an educational game for children over 3 years old. Here the child expects many interesting tasks for the development of logic, attentiveness, fine motor skills. As a basis, we took ordinary life situations, added a little imagination, humor and got a good quest, which makes it possible:
  • slow down in the modern rhythm of life
  • think about completing assignments
  • enjoy the cartoon part of the game
  • gain useful skills
  • get a charge of good mood
how WE Created Jungle town: Birthday quest
Jungle town: mobile game for children, children's quest
Jungle town: character raccoon
Jungle town: party, birthday party
Jungle town: level parrot
Jungle town: level elephant
Jungle town: character elephant
Jungle town: character monkey
Jungle town: character porcupine
Jungle town: character tiger
Jungle town: character parrot
Jungle Town is the first in Kazakhstan large-scale children's project for mobile devices. This game was born in 2015 from our personal ambitions. There wasn't a lot of good children's content in the App Store and Google Play at that time: the games were of the same type, often a project with good graphics had an outstanding script, or vice versa - with a good script, the graphics and animation left much to be desired. Our perfectionism has pushed us to create a high-quality product that can combine a beautiful picture, lively animation and a good teaching script. We really wanted to collect in one game tasks for the development of logic, attention, fine motor skills, while teaching the child some life processes and showing what is good and what is bad. We think we did it very well! But we are not going to stop there: there is still a lot of work to create new series of games, cartoons, soft toys.
Production of videos, films, clips
Our studio began work in 2000 and has vast experience in creating videos, documentaries and corporate films, video clips, shooting various business and cultural events, events in different locations. Geographically, we are in Astana, but many video projects were filmed in other cities and countries. Our studio is equipped with modern equipment that allows you to shoot in almost any environment. We are pleased to offer you a full cycle of video production, including shooting, editing and subsequent processing of video material.
forum video report
kazenergy 2013
video report from a military exhibition
endowment kazguu
Promotional video
forum video report
woman for the future energy
music video
euro asia air
cover version "name 505"
full-cycle video studio: commercials, documentaries, corporate films, educational films, music videos, video reports, presentations, portfolio shooting, forums, conferences